About Us

We are distributors and dealer of reputed companies like, Aventor Performance material (India) Pvt. Ltd., (Ranken),SD.fine chemical,Avarius chemical and Borosil glass. For instrument we have full range of Lasany,


We provides, outsourcing services of technical support, skilled chemist to run chemical Laboratory of various steel, cement and effluent- treatment plants. Apart from principal specialized sales team, we also offer services


We aim to be the most competitive and most productive service provider to our customers. Our core competencies in contract chemical Testings and services are being continuously improved to be best in class.
Chemical laboratories support service solution
Prosperous world chemical is one of leading firm in laboratory outsourcing services, in Jharkhand State, India. We provide technical know-how, trained staff and specialized chemists to perform various regular test of your chemistry lab, in various running plants, like Steel, Cement, Water treatment etc.
We are also supplier and distributor of leading chemical brands. We have highly specialized team, to handle the chemical testing process in various steel plant.